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Max Sweiry is a London based composer, producer and vocalist, specialising in music and sound creation for motion picture. 

" Max is the only composer I'll work with! After five feature films and an animated comic book, with a sixth project in the works, I can happily say my films would not have performed so well had it not been for the excellent work ethics and standard of compositions provided by Max. "

 TOM PATON – Award Winning Writer & Director


Max has received several nominations and awards for his live performance, film scoring and work as a recording artist. With over 20 years of combined experience in music production, composition and performance, and a vast catalogue of music releases, he can provide an industry level, commercial standard product in any genre or style required to take your motion picture to the next level.


With an extensive catalogue of songs released, both as a vocalist and a composer in various styles and genres, Max's works are available to stream through platforms such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music. Selected films from his catalogue can be found on video streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime & Google Play.


Max is able to provide essential music and audio services to bring any sound, song or motion picture to life. He specialises in composition for film, however with years of experience in vocal writing and performance, Max can also provide lyrical content and recordings to allow any production to reach its highest potential.

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