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Max is able to provide a range of music and sound services to bring any song or motion picture to its highest quality finish. He specialises in composition for film, however with years of experience in vocal writing and performance, as well as being able to play several instruments, Max can also provide lyrical content and recordings to attribute towards any music or sound product.


The services Max can offer are unlimited. He has aquired a vast and trusted selection of award winning contacts who are highly respected for their skills within the music and sound industry. These composers, producers, engineers and performers specialise in various fields of music and sound production, covering the entire audio spectrum. Along with Max’s personal skill sets, these industry professionals are a valuable asset to consider when creating the best possible product.

Max's skills within sound and music do not only apply to his musical creativity, but he is also a proven highly capable project manager, having arranged the full sound and music for several major projects. 

Whether it is a full feature film, a spoken word product, a short film, advert, or even an individual song looking to be produced to a commercial level, Max has the skills and contact base required within the industry to provide the best possible product for your project.

Sound equipment

The following is a comprehensive list of the services which can be provided.


Visit the contact tab for more information. 


  • composition for motion picture 

  • song writing in any style or genre

  • music production to a professional quality

  • performance and recording of live instruments and vocals

  • arranging & orchestration

  • remixing

  • facilities for recording and composing


  • dialogue, ADR and voice over recording

  • mixing and mastering

  • cleaning audio

  • audio project management

  • sound design

  • tutorials in all of the above

  • recording facilities

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